Islamabad-Islamabad High Court on Monday directed Federal Board of Revenue to immediately return the computers confiscated during a raid to the National Testing Service.

A single-member bench of the IHC comprising Justice Athir Minallah heard a petition filed by the NTS against the FBR’s raid on its head office. The FBR had confiscated entire record of the NTS during the raid.

During the hearing, Justice Athar remarked that the FBR used its powers illegally during the raid. He added that everyone should be given fair opportunity during the investigations.

Director intelligence and investigation of the FBR Inland Revenue department appeared before the court. The FBR submitted that there were 15 bank accounts of the NTS but it showed to the FBR only five of the accounts.

At this, the IHC bench asked from FBR officials that why they had seized computers of the NTS.

Earlier, Adnan Randawa, counsel for the FBR, had informed the court that in compliance with the court orders, copies of the seized record had been handed over to the NTS management, however; the original record would be in hand of the FBR to investigate the financial affairs of the NTS.

On the other hand, Murtaza Pirzada, counsel for the NTS, had alleged that the Inland Revenue department of the FBR had seized all 45 computers of the NTS, whereas financial record was saved in only 4 computers. The counsel maintained that rest of the computers retained only test-related records. Pirzada continued that due to seizure of their record, functions of the testing service had been disrupted and it was facing hurdles in release of the results.

Therefore, he requested the bench to direct the FBR to return their record that was irrelevant to the financial deeds so that the results of the tests could be announced.

After issuing the aforementioned directions, the IHC deferred the hearing for indefinite period.