It is hard to state that the entire fish population in different rivers in Pakistan is in danger. In villages around Peshawar, Charsadda, and Nowshera, the newly introduced cause of illegal method of catching fishes is at the top. The electrofishing which involves running an electron current into the water using rickety generation to catch Sher Mahi which is found only in Kabul River. Another method is using dynamite in the water to blow the river’s secret into the open. And third method is sparing a pesticide chemical into the water.

However, the fish department is tasked to catch fishers for using the illegal method. A team of nine members who were tasked to cover Peshawar district is with no facility of boats, vehicle and other tools, and the team in Charasadda and Nowshera districts are even less than Peshawar. KPK government must take an immediate step to educate fishers and provide support to the department to eradicate illegal method of fishing.


Turbat, December 27.