LAHORE - Nepal blind cricket team all-rounder Radragha Monday vowed that his team would go all-out to beat Pakistan in today’s (Tuesday) match of the World Blind Cricket Cup at Gujranwala.

“Pakistan is the favourite team of the event and definitely, we will be facing a tough challenge from the home side but we are quite determined to defy Pakistan in the match with collective efforts and hard work,” he said. He said they have set their goals in the World Cup and they will be exhibiting their best performance to outshine a fancied opponent (Pakistan). “Every team taking part in the World Cup aims to perform to higher level to win the title and we have the similar intentions and thoughts and we are going all-out to strike a win against Pakistan,” he said.  Nepal player said his side has worked really hard to throw a strong challenge in the Cup. The Nepal team all-rounder termed Pakistan and India ‘favourites’ to win the World Cup. He was of the view that if India reaches the final, it will not visit Pakistan to play the most important match. He urged the Indian side to play Pakistan at the Pakistani soil in the larger interest of blind cricket.