CHAKWAL -  The ex-PM Nawaz Sharif claimed Monday that not a single penny of corruption has been proven against him and their rule during the past 4 years.

Talking to memorial reference of Chaudhry Liaquat Ali here, he reaffirmed his stance on the Supreme Court verdict to disqualify him by saying that the Iqama was reasoned for his ouster while the case filed in the top court was regarding the Panama Papers offshore accounts.

He added that anarchy has been spreading after the decision of Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification was taken. He added the menace was reigning supreme before 2013, but ever since his party came to power they broke the country free of the shackles of terrorism.

While talking about the Panama case against him, Nawaz said he has not embezzled a single penny from the national exchequer.

The PML-N leader said charges were levelled against him to an extent that he and his family were forced out of the country. “My father passed away, still we were not allowed to come.”

Nawaz said the wounds were difficult to heal but he wanted to move on for the people. While talking about the state of power supply, Nawaz said ever since his party came to power they freed the country of the load-shedding by initiating a large number of power projects.

He added an uninterrupted power supply and strong road network play the fundamental role in a country’s progress, which is why his vision includes focussing on power and infrastructure. “[However] people should not forget the faces of those who plunged the country into darkness.”

Moreover, Nawaz added, they started the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, under which investment of US$56 billion was brought to the country.

Nawaz said one should go and see the heights to which progress work in the country was reaching. He added the travel time between Chakwal and Islamabad has been halved – earlier it would take three hours while now it takes an hour and a half. The PML-N leader said people come closer when distances among them are shortened.” 

The ousted premier voiced concerns on the law and order situation in the country, adding that only the people should decide how the country should be run. “Our vision is to build roads and motorways,” he said. He directed the party workers to stand up against injustice, warning that the public mandate should not be crushed beneath the feet.