LAHORE -  Chief Traffic Officer Rai Ijaz Ahmad on Monday said the drivers of oil tankers must be trained about road safety measures and traffic laws.

The officer ordered his department to re-launch an awareness campaign to educate the drivers of oil tankers. The owners of oil tankers should ensure safety measures before transfer of oil tankers from one place to another, he said.

The move comes one day after two oil tankers crashed on Lahore’s Canal Road, triggering worst traffic mess in many parts of the metropolis. Both the accidents forced the authorities to launch a quick operation to avoid untoward incident as fuel started spilling from the tankers on busy roads.

Rai Ijaz issued these directions while presiding over a meeting at his office on Monday. Traffic police officers and representatives of oil tankers and oil terminals were also present on this occasion.

According to a police spokesman, banners will be displayed at different points on the national highway to create awareness among drivers of oil tankers and trucks. Similarly, Road Safety Officers will deliver lectures to drivers of heavy transports.



Punjab Police Additional-Inspector General Ejaz Hussain Shah on Monday paid visits to Lahore, Faisalabad and Sargodha districts to inspect the record of the “Discipline and Inspection Cells” of the provincials police.

According to a police spokesman, the additional IG was briefed about the working of the discipline, inspection and vigilance cells. The officer met the staff and advised them to work faithfully and with solemn determination.

On this occasion, Hussain Shah explained the new policies and measures pertaining to the discipline and inspection. He said that the key objective of the discipline inspection and cells are to assess and improve progress of police department. Also, he acknowledged the satisfactory progress of three districts and paid commendatory remarks to the staff.