LAHORE -  Students from Saarc countries on Monday appealed to the government to take measures for recovery of peace activist Raza Khan who has been missing since December 2.

These students from different countries of the Saarc region live and study at the South Asian University jointly established and managed by Saarc countries.

In their appeal to the government of Pakistan, the students said that every country needs people like Raza Khan, who was actively engaged in peace education.

They said they did not know Raza Khan personally but they were aware of his work. They said Khan passionately worked for Pakistan-India peace and friendship.

The petition is endorsed and signed by Mirwais Parsa from Afghanistan, Karishna from Nepal, Sunil from Bangladesh, Sushil from India and others.

The students wrote, “We, as youth of Saarc nations, are worried about the reports and concerned about Raza Khan. We feel that our collective voice will definitely be heard as the voice of the Saarc community where the youth makes a large part of population.”

The appeal also reads that Khan’s work is completely in sync with objectives and vision of Saarc, which promotes friendship among people of various countries.

Khan has been missing since December 2 and there is no clue about his whereabouts so far. Many peace activists of Pakistan have joined the voices for Khan’s safe and quick release.

Khan’s major work includes his peace education activities wherein he regularly conducts peace sessions and displays drawings in various schools. Some of the activists consider his disappearance result of a mistake because his work never ever threatened anyone.