What can be worse than depriving somebody of his/her freedom?

Yes! modern days schools, colleges and universities (in particular) have deprived the students of their freedom i.e. happiness, social life and important of all their mental peace- by burdening their minds with assignments, presentations, projects, practical and so and so.

The administration and the teachers of aforesaid institutions have mistaken leaners as animals- instead of social animals- and robots who are expected to work on their assignments and home works as directed, throughout the day, neglecting other aspects of their lives. Their this attitude has resulted in learners’ mental depression, which has resultantly resulted in lack of interest of learners towards studies.

Hence, in order to attract students’ interest, it is worth suggesting that instead of assigning a number of assignments, educators should lessen the number, which should prove to be beneficial for learners’ learning and that they feel easy and happy to complete. Besides, lengthy assignments should also be prohibited and sufficient time should be given to them for the completion of assignments and projects.


Shikarpur, January 3.