The marriage of convenience among religious parties before elections of 2018 to revive Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) is falling apart for Jamat-i-Islami (JI) thinks of it as a marriage of inconvenience. At the conclusion of three-day JI central executive council meeting, JI chief told the audience of the press conference that his party had parted its ways with MMA. Throughout the political history of the nation, rarely, if ever, the masses have put their trust in the religious parties for the emancipation of their socio-economic and political dreams.

Even when JI has left the alliance, it is not taking some time out for retrospection. The JI chief, Siraj-ul-Haq wants to carry on the battle against corruption and hopes that JI will bring the corrupt elements to an account. But here is JI chief mistaken. The political acumen of the JI leadership has shrunk so much that instead of focusing on multiple material issues that the population of the nation are struggling with, it is just making ‘fight against corruption’ an ‘instrument of relevance’ in the politics.

The party workers are mistaken while thinking that the reason for JI’s abysmal performance in last elections was due to contesting elections under the banner of MMA. The leadership of the JI needs to have a look at its manifesto and see if the manifesto addresses the unfulfilled dreams of the general populace. While the term of Siraj will expire on March 31st as the chief of the JI, the new head will have to find out the actual reasons for JI’s poor performance in the recent elections. The new leader will be facing the arduous task of reviving not only the party but also rewriting its manifesto. Times have changed radically, but JI did not change itself with it.

The JI will have to produce new convincing literature that provides novel solutions to the protection of people’s socio-politico and economic rights. It is a pity that JI is no more the party it was in the past. The ideologues of the party produced some serious work on the political and economic aspects of an Islamic state. And it was the result of such works that the rank and file of the party swelled exponentially. For the new generation, the party has not much on offer. Nevertheless, parting its ways with MMA is the step in the right direction, it seems. However, not undergoing an overhauling process itself, JI’s parting way will be just a scapegoating move for its poor show in the 2018 elections.