Most of the people are involve in the dowry system, weather they belong to upper-class families or lower class, educated or illiterate they all are involved in it. It is the system of transferring the money or property to the groom’s family from the bride family. The greed for dowry is increasing dad by day. It effects the mental and physical health of a person who is being compelled for giving dowry for their daughter’s well-being. Even the value of a girl is decided by the amount of dowry she has with her. This cause a state of distress and grief for those parents who is giving the dowry. If the dowry is not fulfilling the demands then after marriage the girl is not treated well by their in-laws and can be beaten to death. And also, many girls are left unmarried because their parents cannot afford dowry according to the demand by the groom’s family. The reason why most of the parents don’t wish to be blessed by a daughter is because of the dowry they have to give on her marriage.

The system of dowry is creating disbalance in the society, the lower middle class is getting poorer and the upper class is getting richer day by day. This will lead to the other crimes in the society as well. That is why this should be banned because this is creating many problems in the society and even Islam does not allow this system.