ATTOCK - The government is working on “electric vehicle policy” that would be announced next month; during the first phase, all two and three wheelers (rickshaws and bikes) would be switched over to electric batteries in Lahore, a government official said.

In second phase, public transport would be switched over to electric/hybrid technology, said Advisor to Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam. He said this while exclusively talking to The Nation. He said electric batteries would not only reduce the pollution but will also reduce the running cost of the vehicles by 70 percent compared with other fuels(petrol, diesel) operated vehicles .

PM’s adviser says green index has been launched at 300 places in Punjab so far

He said , govt under its third initiative will ensure clean green index to change environmental behaviour in all the cities and said that green index had been launched at 300 places in Punjab so for.

Malik said , govt was adopting adequate measures to combat environmental pollution nd will switch over to Euro 5 fuel gradually as use of upgraded fuel would reduce pollution caused by smoke and heat emiitted from vehicles. Govt was making preparations to launch Electric Buses across the country to combat air pollution and in this context an MOU has been signed with a private company and said that govt is also installing vehicle inspection system. Malik Amin  While talking about his efforts for the development of his native district Attock said that planting of trees over an area of ten thousand kanal on the bank of Ghazi Barotha Power Channel , restoration of scholarships for the students of Comsats university Attock , approval of building for Allama Iqbal University Campus , solution of Arid University Attock issues , approval of ten cricket grounds on the bank of Ghazi Barotha channel , Suigas and electrity connections in different villages and last but not the least is approval for 35 water filteration plants . He said , this govt under the dynamic leadership of Imran Khan is taking country on the right trackof development and said that specially 2020 will be harbinger of prosperity and development.