Rise and fall is a part of life. For nations, it is very important to consider the consequences that may lead towards the decline and pitfall. Pakistani nation is full of talent, enthusiasm and zeal but unfortunately there is no recognition of talent in Pakistan and talent is wasted abruptly. It is the responsibility of government and leading bodies to eradicate ignorance in this regard.

The biggest reason of decline of our nation is stepping back from our moral and spiritual values and ignoring the priorities and standards set by our elders. We are living in an era of hustle and bustle and no one pay attention towards the development of nation as one unit with confidence and sheer determination attributes. We have to stand up for the future and welfare of our nation. We have to develop personal attributes that will contribute towards the betterment of society.

Education influences along with the moral, social and spiritual purification is required to eradicate ill habits from our society to let our nation feel empowered and strong. We should forget the sayings and advices of our elders at any cost. Pakistani nation has potential to rise as a developed nation on the horizon just there is lack of motivation and driving force to boast-up the penetrating levels of confidence in the nation.