LOS ANGELES-Kylie Jenner has reportedly donated $1 million to the Australian bushfire relief fund.

The ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ star has decided to part with her cash and send it Down Under to help those who have lost their homes and businesses in the blaze that has hit New South Wales and Victoria over the past few weeks, according to E! News.

Her donation comes just days after she was slammed online for bragging about her Louis Vuitton mink-fur slippers - worth €1,100.00 - just hours after claiming she had a broken heart following news that half a billion animals had been killed in the bushfires.

One internet user said: ‘’Kylie Jenner posting about saving the koalas and then posting her real mink fur slippers.....make it make sense!?!’’

Another added: ‘’i don’t understand how Kylie Jenner can post about the poor animals dying in the Australian fires and then two snaps later post a picture of her wearing real mink fur shoes.’’

However, the 22-year-old make-up mogul isn’t the only member of the famous family to land herself in hot water as her half-sister Kim Kardashian West - who has also donated to the relief fund - was called out for not using her celebrity status to raise awareness.

The 39-year-old reality star fumed: ‘’Nothing gets me more heated than to see people think they know what we donated to and to think we have to publicize everything.’’ Over the past week, 24 people have been killed - including three volunteer firefighters - and more than 6.3 million hectares of bush, forest and parks have been burnt.