ISLAMABAD-A colourful musical evening titled ‘Colours of Korakaram 2020’ decorated with Sufi kalams will be held on Saturday here in PNCA auditorium to draw youth’s attention to ever green cultural history of Sufism.

Hosted by Burushaski Research Academy (BRA) in collaboration with Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA), this soulful evening will be featuring national and international folk artists to promote cohesion and goodwill for humanity through Sufi monologues and qawwalis.

Artists at the event included Mehar Angez, Ambreen, Abid Karim, Gul Bahar and Gulbaz who would present their Arifana Kalams about spiritual poetry of northern Pakistan with traditional music.

These artists have also been performing Sufiana Kalam in various theatres of Europe including Paris for last several years on the invitation of French Ministry of Culture which has helped enhancing soft face of Pakistan outside the country.

Other sufi artists included Akbar Khimiso, a sarangi player from interior Sindh and Niaz Qutoshi, a renowned flute player from Punjab.

During the event, research papers will also be distributed among the audiences to underline the intellectual contribution by Sufi poet late Allama Nasiruddin Nasir Hunzai who established Burushaski Research Academy and authored Sufiana poetry in four languages including Urdu, Burushaski, Persian and Turkic language of China spoken by Muslims from Xinjiang province such as Kashgar and Yarkand.

According to dictionary of languages, Burushaski is one of 12 isolated languages of human civilization of which no relation with any language is found in deep research carried by western linguists.