KARACHI         -      Beaming sun in Karachi on Wednesday markedly rescinded the impact

of early morning and preceding night’s temperature dip, ranging eight degrees to eleven degrees Celsius, for the inhabitants.As per weather forecast for the metropolis, the temperature

is to range between eight degrees and 21 degrees Centigrade with 19% humidity,

nil precipitation and wind blowing at a speed of 14 Km per hour as against 26 Km per hour on Tuesday.Pakistan Meteorological Department advising citizens to remain well-prepared for the considerably unusual low in the mercury said the harsh weather conditions, by Karachi

standards, would persist

throughout the month of January.“Mercury, during the next few days of the current week would surge to no more than 23 degrees Celsius (day time) and drop to 10 degrees Celsius

(night time),” said Raja Sarfaraz, Director PMD -Karachi

office. Westerly winds that have entered the city early this week would maintain its existence turning extremely necessarily that children, senior

citizens and other vulnerable

are helped to brave the weather without any serious

health risk. It was found to be particularly tough for hundreds of those spending nights in open and sleeping on pavements, often very close to major tertiary care hospitals in the provincial capital.Governor of Sindh, Imran Ismail, as per directives of PM Imran Khan did distribute

quilts among many of them but this could never be enough. Hence it is often the common citizens of Karachi, who may be comparatively better off, are seen sharing their warm clothes with the less fortunate.Those reluctant to accept the assistance are thronging the makeshift stalls and push carts loaded with used sweaters,

coats, shawls and other accessories to shield oneself against cold.“We are enjoying the softness

of sun but also cannot deny that chill in the air has compelled us to keep ourselves

warm,” said Midhat Shahmim, a young mother of four. Mentioning that she could not simply allow her children to miss their school, the young caretaker said necessary

precautions cannot be avoided. Mrs Agha Arsal complimenting Shamim said it is not only that kids have to be adequately dressed but proper food is also needed to help them brave dip in the mercury. Senior child specialist

Prof Fehmina Arif emphasised

importance of hygiene