LAHORE         -         Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that tension between America and Iran is not only harmful for the region but also for the entire world.

The entire nation and all the political parties are on the same page and standing beside Pakistan Army and anti-Pakistan agenda of India will be foiled on every front”, he said while talking to a delegation of columnists and anchor persons which called on him at Governor House on Wednesday. Acting Governor of Balochistan Abdul Qaddus Bezenjo was also present on the occasion.

 PTI government, he said, is adhering to prosperity and development agenda not for a province but for entire Pakistan. He said People of Balochistan will be given their rights in the real sense. No one will be allowed to create chaos or take the law into hands in the universities, he warned. 

Chaudhry Sarwar acknowledged that past governments did not ensure provision of rights to the people of Balochistan which created a sense of deprivation among them. “However, from the day first, the PTI government under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan has committed to take along our Baloch brethren while ensuring prosperity and development in every sector there”, he said.

He said the sacrifices rendered by our Baloch brethren for establishment of peace were highly commendable. “We believe that prosperous Balochistan is inevitable for prosperous Pakistan In Sha Allah, we will materialize all those promises made with the people of Balochistan, and all the provinces will make Pakistan stronger and foil the nefarious designs of anti-state elements”, he said.

Governor said that approval of Army Act (Amendment) Bill with thumping majority in the parliament was indeed a victory of the democracy and a clear proof of the fact that all political forces were on the same page for security of the country.

Acting Governor Balochistan Abdul Qaddus Bezenjo said that present government and Prime Minister Imran Khan should take optimum advantage of the wisdom and political sagacity of Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar. He said, “We are not against the development of Punjab or any other province but want availability of health and educational facilities in Balochistan so as to end sense of deprivation among the people of that province”, he observed.  He said that in the past anti-Pakistan forces had used to misguide the Baloch people, adding that today Balochistan was not the Balochsitan of the past as there was complete unity and solidarity among the people there. He said that people of Balochistan always rendered sacrifices in the war against terrorism and establishment of peace which had no precedence in the history. “Baloch people love Pakistan and Pakistan Army”, he said.