Everything under the sun was discussed in political speeches at the long march. People would have been happier if a blueprint of reforms for the lower judiciary was also outlined. The common people need courts, which can provide fair and quick disposal of cases. This should have been the focus of this so-called movement. But alas they had other ambitions. Clamouring for independence of judiciary is a good thing but coming from past villains of the judicial cause, who only wish to act as kingmakers this time, it was a bit too much. This is no time for one-up-man-ship. It is time to address the pressing problems. I have a subtle question to ask Which side of the political divide is serious and sincere about an independent judiciary? One is cashing in on the slogan; the other is brooding over the consequences. The judges must not attempt to usurp the supremacy of the National Assembly. A wrong cannot be made right by a show of strength. The president has already declared that he would abide by the will of the National Assembly. Let the democratic process take its logical course. -ZAHID GISHKORI, Islamabad, via e-mail, June 29.