KARACHI - MQM deputy parliamentary leader in National Assembly, Haider Abbas Rizvi, has said that yesterday's blasts in Karachi was conspiracy to sabotage peace of the city and the entire country. Talking to The Nation on Tuesday, he said that concerned authorities should analyse the basic reasons behind this horrible incident. "The enemies of the country wanted to shatter economic activities, impose their agenda through creating linguistic riots and destabilise the country", he added.  MQM legislator said that terrorists knew that disturbing economy of the city they could create anarchy and terror in Karachi. He added that it was the need of the hour that government pay special attention to this issue and take concrete steps to eradicate the Talibanization threat to the country. Rivzi claimed that blasts were also aimed to divert the MQM's stance against the growing threat of Talibanization. He added that MQM is determined to save the metropolis from the menace of Talibanization and maintain peace in the city. He said that on the directives its chief Altaf Hussain, MQM would continue awareness campaign against the emerging menace of Talibanisation in the metropolis as well in the entire country. He alleged that Taliban outfits in Karachi wanted to use linguistic differences, in Parachanar and D. I. Khan they used sectarian tactics and in Waziristan they employed the slogans of Sharia enforcement to achieve their nefarious designs. "The main agenda of these outfits is to destabilise the country for their vested interests. Despite their conspiracy to plunge Karachi into chaos, local citizens are fully aware of their plans and MQM with the support of the masses will foil their plot", he added. Rizvi said that MQM had already warned the concerned authorities against emerging threats from these so-called fanatics.  Sources informed that MQM leader Altaf Hussain has called an immediate meeting of the party's Rabita Committee at London. The meeting will mainly focus on the emergence of Talibanization of the metropolis, PPP-MQM relationship and the restructuring of the Rabita Committee, Rizvi concluded.