FPSC announces schedule of the CSS examinations at least eight months before the commencement of the exam every year and then sticks to its guns. This has inculcated the credibility of FPSC in the minds of the candidates. It makes them free from any ambiguity and uncertainty about the start of their exam. Consequently, they pay full attention to their studies and appear fully prepared. Contrary to this, PPSC has not devised such a stringent schedule to facilitate its test takers. The Date Sheet and Roll Number Slips reach the candidates like a bolt from the blue. They find themselves in the doldrums. They only have a few days to go through the available material. Another complaint against PPSC is that when it declares the result of any kind to the successful candidates, it does not send intimation of their interview dates along with their result card. I humbly suggest to the Chairman and Secretary PPSC to look into the matter seriously. They ought to devise some mechanism like the FPSC for the well being of the test takers. That is, in fact, well being of the country's civil service. -MUHAMMAD SALEEM MEO, Lahore, via e-mail, June 28.