ISLAMABAD - Long queues were observed at Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) Tuesday as flood of youth rushed to FPSC headquarter to submit applications for various posts announced by different ministries. There was a time when government service had lost popularity among youth. The reason was the foreign investment in the country, and the emergence of various other multinational companies in Pakistan. But now the country's foreign reserves are in doldrums as political instability created unrest among various sectors. The shrinking foreign investment in the country creating unemployment. Now, government service gains grounds among youths once again as country hit by inflation' Tsunami. FPSC has received a pile of applications for different posts announced recently, sources confirmed at FPSC. During a survey it was observed that increasing inflation and unemployment is the main force behind youths to apply for various posts, even against their will. Different youngsters criticised present government policies as it has failed to curb inflation. According to media reports and figures released by State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), the inflation is touching the record heights and multiplying by passing every single day. Youths having mound of degrees are applying for different posts but fail to grab any, said Ahmed Shoaib. Another young man submitting application for the said post claimed that he is applying against his will as he holds MBA degree but applying for a post of security forces for not finding any reasonable job in the market. It is really an alarming issue for the concerned authorities that many of young people are applying against their will just to earn livelihood. It is threatening such persons are going to be square peg in round hole, if get job. Yasir Ali another young man in the queue said that as many people applying for the post of security forces they have to produce a medical certificate to be attached with the application form as per the requirement of FPSC. He said that he faced problems to get a medical certificate from hospital. It was really a Herculean task for me to get a fitness certificate as I tried three different hospitals, but hospital authorities were reluctant to issue the certificate. "I had to go for the complete medical checkup, which I think no need to do it by myself, as it is the procedure of FPSC during recruitment" Yasir claimed. Majority of young people pulled a long face when asked about the policies of present government. Many were of the view that masses have no other options but to commit suicide as inflation and unemployment made life miserable. It is the only option left for the poor educated people to try their fate in different fields to keep body and soul together. Government service is now on the acme and hope for the youth, TheNation learnt.