ISLAMABAD - The scholarship programme of Higher Education Commission is benefiting people across the country and as a result the students from the lower-middle class and from far-flung areas get chance to study in the top class universities of the world. The commission has started the programme in terms of local and foreign scholarship schemes for the students and for faculty members of different universities as well. Presently 2,500 scholars have been studying abroad in different countries of the world including America, England, Germany, Austria and France.   The programme has many success stories like Muhammad Tahir. Born on September 8, 1978, to parents of humble origins in a small farming family of a far-flung village, Muhammad Tahir spent his early education years in his native village of 'Shehr Sultan' - a remote, inaccessible village in Jatoi tehsil of Muzaffargarh District of in Southern Punjab.   After achieving first division in his matriculation in his village school, Tahir went on to attend the Government Degree College in Alipur, which required a total daily commute of 46 kilometers from his home and back. Despite this distance, and the subsequent tight schedule, he completed his B.Sc in 1999, ranking first in the college and winning a scholarship for higher studies.   Tahir decided to further enhance his credentials by completing M.Phil degree in physics at QAU in 2004, under the guidance and supervision of Dr Kashif Sabeeh, who was instrumental in providing Tahir motivation to achieve new educational heights. A paper from the thesis was published in The American Physical Society journal, one of the most influential periodicals in the world, and noted for its highly respected authorship. Tahir was then offered a position as lecturer at the University of Sargodha, and after observing his aptitude and interest in physics, it was suggested by then vice-chancellor that he should compete for higher studies and apply to the Higher Education Commission's Foreign Ph.D. programme. He chose Imperial College, London, as his destination. Having been accepted, the HEC awarded him a scholarship under the "10pc Overseas Scholarships" scheme, and Tahir began his studies at Imperial College, London, in 2006, under the supervision of Prof. Angus Mackinnon.   During his year and a half stay, and under Prof. Mackinnon's guidance, Tahir went on to publish additional seven articles, all in the American Physical Society. This is a prime example of how, with continued support, guidance and perseverance, one can achieve the near impossible.