MUMBAI - The successful hosting of Asia Cup was in part a rehearsal for the Champions Trophy, and, happily, it passed without any incident. But in the first interim report by the ICC's security consultants-M/s Nicholls & Steyn- it has been suggested that the security for hosting the Champions Trophy in Pakistan cannot be determined by only the few days of Asia Cup event. The first interim report was initially conveyed to the ICC verbally by their two directors- Bob Nichollas and Rory Steyn earlier this month. The same views have now also been conveyed in writing to the ICC's Event Manager Chris Tetley and the General Manager (Commercial) Campbell Jamieson, it was reliably learnt. According to a Dubai-based sources, the second report will now be submitted at the earliest. Both the directors were personally supervising the arrangements and security affairs during the later stages of the Asia Cup in Pakistan before their three officials (Faisul Nagel, Bruce Spargo and Steve Stephenson) paid a visit to Lahore and Rawalpindi. The security officials also met various police officials and discussed with them the prospect of hosting the Champions Trophy in Pakistan. According to the sources in Pakistan, all security officials have left the country for South Africa except Bruce Spargo, who is likely to spend two more days before returning home and may return later. It was also learnt that the consultant's major report would only be their findings. The concluding remark may only be stated afterwards whether Pakistan is safe enough to host the Champions Trophy. The ICC will also study the report of other security expert Reg Dickason, who was recruited by three nations - Australia, New Zealand and England. Dickason made a one-day flying trip to Karachi a few days ago.