KARACHI -President Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) Shamim Ahmed Shamsi, Senior Vice President Iftikhar Ahmed Sheikh and Vice President Muhammad Haroon Agar have lamented the government and the Governor State Bank of Pakistan for not adopting proper measures and offering no resistance to stop the free fall of rupee (Rs.74) against the greenback and urged to prepare a roadmap to bring the country out of the economic crises. The Chamber's office bearers elaborated:  "The Pakistan's economy is import-based and like exports, its imports are also highly concentrated in few items namely, POL products (24%); capital goods and machinery (30%); raw material (16%) and food items (7%) which accounts for about 77% of total imports. Rupee's depreciation would further escalate their import bills and cost of indigenous goods, thus eroding their competitive edge, both in local as well as global markets, besides, further widening the current trade deficit. As such it is more crucial situation for the export-oriented industry as it is mainly dependent on imported constituents to produce exports goods and thus the devaluation of rupee would not work to boost exports." The Chamber's office bearers added that the government had also failed to check the flight of capital which was also one of the major reasons for local currency depreciation causing it to loose its worth. They lambasted that there was also no sign of intervention by the State Bank of Pakistan to support the falling rupee as it had been a common practice earlier, and said that it simply supports the assumption that the rupee would be allowed to fall to some "required level". They proposed that the Central Bank should come forward aggressively to curb rising demand for the dollar by intervening in the market for support of local currency. They also stressed the need for government steps to enhance foreign remittance to maintain depleting foreign exchange reserves and demand supply gap.