It is a pity that government has not come out clear on the CNG prices after the minister mercilessly increased it by 31% about a week back. There is confusion to date on the final price; various cities are having their own prices according to the whims of their local CNG associations. Some say CNG has no linkage to oil prices and it should be sold at Rs 38.40. If government cannot manage the price mechanism of one product, how can it decide other more important national issues? President Musharraf broke his silence this week in Karachi where he spoke on various issues. Even more vociferous was the Nazim Karachi, who took the opportunity to slander against Nawaz Sharif and PPP. The President did the old harangue of his military background and "why army will not leave me in lurch". He still believes he did no blunder and all his acts were for the profit of the country. -M. H. IBRAHIM, via e-mail, Mirpurkhas, July 7.