LAHORE - Thousands of dwellers shanty houses, removed by the government last week have again started converging by erecting their shanties and make-shift houses on the old sites due to lack of follow up and vigilance by the department concerned. The nomad families who dispersed in panic during the operation are seen squatting on the sites again under the open sky. A fair number of them have been shifted to safer places, some of them seeking hideout on the narrow spaces behind the houses in LDA schemes. The massive operation was initiated on newspaper reports last week at Johar Town, Jubilee Town, Sabzazar scheme, Bund Road and a number of housing schemes where over 0.3 million gypsies and nomads had built up thousands of shanties posing an ugly scene to the provincial metropolis. Some of them had occupied government land and the open plots by erecting temporary shelters. The public circles in the city widely hailed the removal of shanties spread all along the out city posing civic problems. They said that the city now wore a clean look and was squarely rid of pollutants of filth and garbage. The menace of beggary, drug trafficking and addiction has also been declined as the safe heavens of beggars and traffickers have been smashed. The illicit business of shrewd gypsies posing fake "Pirs" by wearing different costumes and disguises has also been severely hit. They opined that the deportation from the city of all these shelterless population must be completed prior to the beginning of acute monsoon because most of them are living in low lying areas and deep depressions of plots. The continuous vigilance on the relapse and to ensure that the gypsies return to their ancestral homes was important. A separate wing of LDA shall have to keep an eye on them and to check further influx of another generation of gypsies. Most of them come from the suburbs of Vehari, Hasilpur, Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan and Sadiqabad etc, in search of their livelihood, i.e beggary although they have houses and hearths at their hometowns. Those who are willing to reside here should be allowed to purchase land and houses or live in a rental house instead of erecting shanties. They should also be registered by the NADRA and issued proper I.D. cards. The NGOs devoted to the health, education and poverty should come forward to educate and rehabilitate them in the mainstream of life by providing them all the civic amenities etc. This is formidable if we have to save rest of the population from diseases and other social menaces as this huge population creates multiple problems. In some localities, the population of gypsies outnumbered the local inhabitants. They were leading miserable life not because of poverty and deprivation but because of their habits and culture. They won't send their children to schools or to learn some skills except putting them to beggary. They live on adhocism only to beg money for hoarding, although they have means to improve their lives.