LAHORE - President, Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan, who has recently returned from US, has said that Pak community in the US is very upset over the judicial crisis as they are jeered at, especially by the Indians, over the dismissal of judges and their detention alongwith children after November 3 emergency. In a chat with The Nation after his about three-week long US visit here on Tuesday, he said that American-Pakistanis are 'chided' by the Indians and other nationals that 'you belong to the country where over 60 judges, including the Chief Justice, were arrested'. Pakistani image abroad, he said, would largely improve if judiciary of November 2 is reinstated, for which, Aitzaz added, 'Bhurban Accord' is the best course. The ' present Courts', he said, were causing 'ignominy' for Pakistan and the Pak community strongly aspired for the reinstatement of judges. He said his visit to the US had no direct nexus with the lawyers movement as he had undertaken the same on the invitation of Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America. Describing his visit successful, he said, he addressed the Pakistani community and also delivered lecture at Amnesty International and Kennedy School of Government, Boston, besides meetings with a number US Senators and Congressmen including John Kerry, John Biden, Kent Klark, Alison and others. He addressed the New York bars and also met editors of Newsweek, Times and Wallstreet Journal. He said he had a close interaction with Pakistani doctors and lawyers during the visit. His visit had no direct bearing with the lawyers movement nor during that, he met with any official of the US State Department though he was invited there, he said, adding, he saw everyone he desired to see. He said he met the US Parliamentarians whom he informed about the objectives of the lawyers movement and they agreed that no democracy and Parliament was possible unless judiciary was independent in Pakistan. He said anywhere in the world the democracy thrives if the judiciary is independent which stands for judges of independent mind. He said during the visit his meetings with Bar Associations and lawyers were fruitful particularly in view of the International Convention on the Independence of Judiciary being held by SCBA in October next wherein the representatives of lawyers and judiciary from all over the world will be invited. He said Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry would open the convention and no PCO judge but the 'genuine ones' would be invited. Aitzaz said a lot of excitement about the convention and to hear Justice Chaudhry existed in the legal fraternity of other countries who pay tremendous respect to Justice Chaudhry as the most honoured and decorated judge of all times. He said American lawyers were very enthusiastic to see and hear Justice Chaudhry. Anticipating the convention as grand, he said, the show would also distinguish 'the genuine and  non-genuine judges.' He said to a question, the reinstatement of judges would not bear immediate result to lower down the economic problems of the country but the fact is that an independent judiciary commands a worldwide confidence of the foreign investors. Justice Chaudhry, he said, took suo moto notice on the rising oil and gas prices and questioned the oil companies for arbitrary increase in the prices and for that reason, he was removed from the office and arrested. Popular hope in the system lives where there judiciary is independent and that hope and trust in the system is a big check against terrorism also, he added. He said that the judiciary in Pakistan would be called independent only when the judges would be reinstated. To a question why PPP Co-Chairperson Asif Ali Zardari was hesitant to reinstate the judges, he said, he cannot say and did not need to speculate about the Co-Chairperson of his party therefore Asif Zardari himself can better answer this question. However, he said, Asif Zardari was definitely dilly-dallying over judges issue. 'What objections he had to the reinstatement of judges, can be better answered by him (Zardari).' To a question that whether lawyers movement would get a boost in case PML(N), which has a clear stand on the judges reinstatement , came out of the coalition, he said, it depended on the PML(N) and as far as lawyers are concerned, he added, they wanted every party to support them on the judges issue. To a question, he said, in future the lawyers movement would get a boost. He said Islamabad Long March was very successful. To a question, he said, he cannot set a timeframe for the reinstatement of judges, however, he said the movement would go on and the lawyers would not rest till their objectives are achieved.