On June 29th 2008, under the heading "Running in circles", you have said that "it was this question of PCO Judges, which turned the matter into a Gordian knot". With all due respect to your venerable position and your worthy newspaper, myself, the lawyer's movement, the civil society and the nation have serious objections and reservations over this view. Firstly, to say that the issue of PCO judges is the root cause of the present deadlock between PML-N and PPP is an obvious oversimplification. The real bone of contention between these two parties is the specific mode of restoration of the deposed judiciary suggested by the PPP through its proposed constitutional package. Accepting PPP's mode of restoration of the deposed judiciary would allow parliament to directly or indirectly ratify Musharraf's all illegal, immoral, illogical and un-constitutional measures and decisions taken on November 3rd 2007, before or afterwards. Through this ratification, the parliament would indemnify and ultimately provide a legal and safe passage of exit to Mr. Musharraf. This horrible practice by the parliament would help the country to continue on an illegal and un-constitutional path and facilitate further takeovers by any number of future military dictators. -AHMED HAROON KHAN, Multan, July 5.