KARACHI - Religious scholar Allama Ali Hussaini has urged the government to take solid steps to maintain peace in the Kurram Agency and to start rehabilitation programme in the affected areas. Hussaini is the son of slain Shia religious scholar and Tehreek-e-Jafferia founder leader Shaheed Allama Arif Hussain Al Hussani who was assassinated by terrorists in 1988. Addressing a press conference along with former senator Jawad Hadi and Allama Mirza Yousaf, head of Shia Action Committee at Karachi Press Club on Tuesday, he dispelled the impression that there is any Shia-Sunni conflict present in the Kurram Agency. "A well-planned conspiracy has been launched to destroy the image of Islam, Pakistan and enemies of Islam are promoting these elements," he added. He said that they met with the political agent, NWFP governor and corps commander and informed them about the conspiracy but authorities concerned could not have taken any action against the miscreants who were killing innocent people in the Kurrum Agency. "These elements in the name of the Islam slaughtered their own Sunni sect people in North and South Wazristian fulfilling the agenda of imperialist in the region." "Present and previous governments have not taken any action for the rehabilitation of people and they are direly needed government's help. Kurrum Agency is cut-off from rest of Pakistan and people are now left on the mercy of killers and barbarian persons. The people of Kurrum Agency never allowed any person to use their land for vested interests and always fought for the country. In the cold war era Russian forces attacked us and we, the Parachinar people, fought against them with courage and never allowed them to use our lands," he added. Hussaini said: "I don't think so genuine Taliban who are fighting war for independence of Afghanistan waging Jihad in the Kurrum Agency but some terrorists funded by imperialists forces are killing both Shia and Sunni people in the area." Former senator Allama Jawad Hadi said that they not only met with all high-ups but also with all the headquarters concerned but no one is taking interest, he complained. He pointed that there was complete shortage of food in the area and those relief goods sent for the area people were looted by so-called defenders of Islam and slaugghtered all the truck drivers. "Where we go, to whom we complained no one is ready to address our genuine grievances and to maintain peace in the region," he added.