RAWALPINDI – The jailer of Adyala children jail has been harassing and sexually victimising the imprisoned children, which is acute violation of human rights.

According to details, one of the prisoners who recently got freed from Adyala Jail informed on condition of not revealing his name that the jailers are involved in frequent sexual torture of the under-aged prisoners. This is only one example of the corruption prevalent in one of the important prisons of the city, while it seems that the authorities have turned a deaf ear to the plight of children treated brutally in imprisonment. In addition, the policemen receive bribe from the prisoners up to Rs 20,000 for allowing them to use cellular phones. If the prisoners do not pay the amount, they are maltreated.

Moreover, if a captive pays Rs 4,000 to the policemen, he is shifted to the hospital, which has a comparatively comfortable environment. It has been reported that Superintendent Jails and Deputy Superintendent Jails get a share out of the illegal payments. Also, the prisoners have to eat substandard food.

When a session judge pays a visit to the jail and the captives complain about the low food standard before him, they are beaten fiercely.