LAHORE – FACES Pakistan, in collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), has initiated a housekeeping training programme to train and empower the marginalised women.

At least 200 women have received housekeeping training until now, of the 1,000 women who are to be trained. These women belonged to the Township, Youhanabad, Charar Pind, Qadri Colony and Iqbal Park areas. The training sessions were organised in two different locations to facilitate the participants soon after the registration process that took place within the communities.

In his message, FACES Pakistan President Javaid William said gender empowerment was necessary for developing the social structure since women were a major component of the society. “We must continue our struggle for the empowerment of women in Pakistan,” suggested William.

“We can overcome poverty from the society if we ensure participation of women in every field, so that they can sustain themselves with due respect and dignity. We hope to see women exercising ownership and equal access to employment, education and participation in decision-making at all levels,” he added.

During the training sessions, various topics are covered, including work management and the basic responsibilities required for a housekeeper. Besides cooking and governess classes, home maintenance, child and senior care are also included in the training.

Additionally, the participating women are made aware of the legal rights of a worker in the society, so that they can avoid any exploitation. To make sure the workers grasp all concepts, practical work and demonstration as how to operate the electronic appliances.

FACES Pakistan National Coordinator Programmes Elaine Alam said, “We arrange a 25-day course to train employees on good housekeeping techniques for a safe and reliable workplace.”