Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudhry Monday said there is charge against the Frontier Corps (FC) that it lifted every third among the missing persons in the province.

Heading a three-member bench of the apex court at Quetta Registry, the Chief Justice Chaudhry said three mutilated bodies were found from Machh, a private TV channel reported.

Advocate General said three bodies were not defiled; instead, these people were killed in an encounter with the FC personnel. The Chief Justice Chaudhry remarked that the FC has been blamed to be holding every third person among the missing persons as there are corresponding evidences to substantiate it.

He added families of the missing persons have nothing to eat.

The Chief Justice Chaudhry asked the Chief Secretary and Interior Secretary to recover the missing persons, otherwise submit in written form if they have failed.

“Have you failed in this pursuit of retrieving the missing persons? If yes, submit the same to the court in written form,” the CJP said addressing the Chief Secretary and Interior Secretary.

Chairman of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons Nasrullah Baloch asserted the investigative committee was formed but people are still missing, adding today’s newspapers tell that Sameer Baloch is in Afghanistan; though his beyond recognition body was previously recovered.

He added an inquiry committee gave statement that 30 people were recovered; most of them were found in unidentifiable state. The Chief Justice Chaudhry said dawn to dusk sitting avails nothing.

Advocate General told the court almost 100 vehicles were seized from Quetta.

The Chief Justice Chaudhry observed he may show him (AG) hundreds of illegal vehicles plying the city roads with showrooms crammed with the unauthorized vehicles, adding, “You book a vehicle here and the same you will receive in Karachi.”

Balochistan Home Secretary Naseebullah Bazai said the suicide attacks and bombings are mammoth challenges. “So, some outsider will come and grapple with these challenges?’ questioned the Chief Justice Chaudhry adding the Customs has aggravated the situation in the province.