HAFIZABAD - A young girl of Dubbar village who was abducted by two real brothers with the help of their sister two years back, has escaped from the clutches of the accused and returned to her native village and narrated her woeful ordeal.

According to detail, Nasreen Bibi, a resident of Dubbar was enticed away by Kausar Bibi on the pretext of shopping in Sukheke Mandi on June 29, 2010 where Kausar’s two brothers - Shoukat Ali Bhatti and Saif Bhatti bundled her into a car and whisked away her to Lahore where they kept her in a bungalow for six months. According to the victim, the accused used to administer intoxicated injections and gang raped her. Later they took her to Karachi where they continued ravished her. According to the girl, the accused also shaved off her head.

When Nasreen was abducted, her parents approached the police that Saif and Shoukat abducted Nasreen with the help of Kousar and requested for the registration of a case. However, the police remained reluctant to register a case, as the accused belonged to an influential family.

However, as usual, police asked the complainants to search for Nasreen themselves. The poor and hapless parents went from pillar to post to trace their daughter but to no purpose.

Yesterday, when the abducted returned to her village, mediamen and police rushed to Dubbar village. On her statement, the police have now registered a case Under Section 365 and 337-V PPC and have arrested Kousar Bibi but Saif and Shoukat are still at large.

The parents of the victim have urged the Punjab IG, RPO Gujranwala, DPO Hafizabad and the Punjab Chief Minister to order immediate arrest of the influential accused and provide them deterrent punishment.