LAHORE – Actress Meera has since long been in the news - not because of her professional activities, but for controversies over her marriage. The exquisite artiste has been trying to find a soul-mate but every time she was close to tying the knot some villain appeared on the scene and upset the entire scheme.This forced the capricious-mood actress to start fresh effort to look for a new sweet-heart.So far, it is not clear how long the actress may take to get a life partner of her choice.Some people say that the wedding of the aging actress would be as difficult a task as the resolution of the Kashmir dispute or the construction of Kalabagh Dam. A rich businessman of Faisalabad – Atiqur Rehman – is engaged in litigation against the actress. He claims that she is his wife, an assertion vehemently denied by the actress. He got published in the media a number of pictures, some of which showed the intimacy of a husband and wife. The case is still pending with a local court. Then came reports that a pilot has lost his heart to the actress. The media also published some interviews of the would-be couple. It was claimed that the families of both the ‘parties’ are happy over the decision. While it was being expected that the captain and the actress would soon start a matrimonial life that the pilot’s father ‘parachuted’ into the matter. He alleged that the actress owed him about $400,000. Meera instantly denied.Both sides stuck to their respective points of view for quite some time and then the guns fell silent. After some time, the actress roped in cricketer Shoaib Akhtar, alleging that it was he who was responsible for driving a wedge between the actress and the pilot. She further said that the cricketer wants to marry her.“I am ready to tie the knot”, said the actress.She did not say a word why she was willing to go for a union with the cricketer who was responsible for taking the pilot away from her.A couple of days ago a report came from London that Meera owes 100,000 pounds sterling to a family of Pakistani origin there. Meera’s step-sister Shaista was classmate of one Sohail Ali and both were close to each other. The actress got the loan from the sister of Sohail Ali. The family of Meera denies that they had taken any loan. A ‘grasshopper’ Meera’s search for a life partner continues. Family sources are optimistic that her efforts would soon bear fruit.