Former Pakistan ambassador to Washington Hussain Haqqani has again refused to appear before the Supreme Court in memo scam case.

In his reply on Monday, Haqqani, raising objections about the report of the Memo Commission, requested the apex court to annul its finding.

The objections of the former Pakistan envoy were penned by Asma Jehangir and Zahid Bokhari Advocate.

Haqqani argued he could not come back to Pakistan due to security concerns and medical reasons. He, however, confirmed his availability via video link.

The former envoy said the commission has exceeded its powers. The task of the commission was just to hold an inquiry, he said, adding that he was put on trial.

Under Article 10-A of the Constitution, he was not given the chance of a fair trial, he claimed. Haqqani further said the Memo Commission recorded the statement of Mansoor Ijaz, but that he was deprived of this chance.

He again clarified he doesn’t have the nationality of any other country. In his reply, he further said the commission has raised a question about his loyalty.

A 9-member Supreme Court bench had directed Hussain Haqqani to appear before it in the next hearing on July 12.