An Air India flight bound for New Delhi with 130 people on board made an emergency landing in Nawabshah airport on Monday due to technical problems, aviation officials said.

The Airbus A320 from Abu Dhabi made the unscheduled stop at Nawabshah airport, around 230 kilometres (140 miles) northeast of the port city of Karachi, Civil Aviation spokesman Pervez George told AFP.

"A group of Indian technical experts will arrive in Nawabshah by 11:45 am on another plane that will take the passengers to Delhi before the technicians fix the plane," he said.

The Indian captain was offered use of the airport lounges for the flight's 122 passengers and eight crew, an official said, but refused.

"We had offered full cooperation to them but the Airbus captain did not allow the passengers to disembark and requested just for drinking water," Sultan Hasan, spokesman for the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), told AFP.