SCARLETT Johansson is to pocket £13million for Avengers 2 — the most an actress has ever been paid for a movie.

Scarlett, 27, is being lured to return as Black Widow in the superhero sequel. The £13million fee tops Angelina Jolie’s £12.2million for The Tourist. Movie bosses want Scarlett to sign after Avengers Assemble grossed £936million — the third highest in history.

A source said: “Scarlett is the hottest star in Hollywood and her inclusion in the sequel is a must. Producers think that as the only lead woman in the film male fans have found her a key ingredient —both for looks and story appeal. She is loved by critics too. This says, ‘We value you’. Everyone is confident she’ll sign and be ready for 2013 filming.”

Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth and Jeremy Renner are also to get 50 per cent pay rises.                             –GN