BETRY, France  - An armed man opened fire early Sunday after being ordered out of a nightclub in northern France, injuring 10, a week after a similar incident in the area claimed two lives, officials said. Special operations police arrested the suspect, who had fired several rounds with a hunting rifle after being asked to leave the discotheque in the town of Betry near the main northern city of Lille, where the deadly shooting took place last Sunday. The man, in his thirties, fired at the door, a local official, Etienne Stock, told reporters, adding that he had had earlier brushes with the law.The suspect was kicked out "after getting into a dispute with his brother-in-law over a bottle," and then got a gun and fired, said Herve Legrand, a bouncer at the discotheque Le Vamos, speaking in hospital.Officials and medical sources said the 10 victims suffered light injuries.The incident came exactly a week after a gunman shot dead two people at a nightclub in Lille, in an apparent revenge attack after he was kicked out of the establishment.A cloakroom attendant and a 27-year-old customer were killed and another six people including the club bouncer were injured in that attack. A suspect and an accomplice were arrested in Spain on Friday.