RAWALPINDI - Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) has claimed to clear silt and solid waste from Nullah Leh and due to arrangements made by the authority there is no danger of flood particularly in Nullah Leh during the monsoon season.Talking to APP, Deputy Managing Director Wasa Akram Soban said Nullah Leh mainly in low-lying areas have been cleared of silt and solid waste.He said the nullah has been further widened and deepened to save the city from the flood devastations. Gawalmandi area was especially focused during the cleanliness drive as due to heavily populated locality, a large amount of garbage and filth is thrown in the nullah, which creates obstacle in the smooth flow of floodwater, he said adding, the section of the nullah has been cleared. City Sadar Road, Dhoke Charg Deen, Pirwadhi, New Katrian and Dhoke Naju were also critical sections of Nullah Leh, which were cleared of silt and solid waste, he informed. The filth and all type of garbage were removed to make sure the smooth floodwater flow particularly during heavy rains in upcoming monsoon season.He urged the people to come forward and play their role in protecting especially low lying areas of the city from flood devastations, adding, solid waste, garbage and shopping bags should not be thrown in nullahs particularly in Nullah Leh as they create blockage in the way of flood water. Resultantly the floodwater plays havoc with the properties and lives of the people, he added. Replying to a question he said a huge amount is required to eliminate the flood danger completely from the city but, Wasa is making all out efforts with limited resources to save the citizens from the looming flood threat.Meanwhile, the City District Government has made other arrangements with setting up of special control rooms and flood relief camps to provide relief to the people in case heavy monsoon rains are recorded.On the other hand, the residents of low lying areas particularly Waris Khan, Glass Factory, Mokh Singh State, Dhoke Khaba, Umer Road, Nadeem Colony, Dhoke Elahi Bukush, Arya Mohallah and Javed Colony demanded more focused approach with visible steps so that the danger of flood could be minimised.Meanwhile, special control rooms established to monitor possible flood situation in Nullah Leh are working round the clock and monitoring the situation.According to TMA sources, a special control room to monitor all arrangements and flood situation of Nullah Leh has also been set up in the TMA building, which would work round the clock.Special monitoring committee under the supervision of Town Municipal Officer (TMO) Rawal Town Chaudhary Liquat Ali with other members including Wasiq Ullah Qureshi, Tahir Mahmood Khan, Iftikhar Ahmed Raja, Toseef Ahmed Malik and Tariq Aziz Bhatti would review the possible flood threat situation of Nullah Leh and all necessary steps for the protection of the citizens would be taken.Online adds: Intense rain on the midnight of Friday and Saturday has swelled the famous Nullah Leh of Rawalpindi City area. After the sounding of warning sirens, the residents of low-lying area, including Jhanda Chichi, Arya Mohalla and Arjan Nagar, among others, have started to relocate to safer places, as rescue 1122 and other emergency elements gear up to all kind of possible emergencies. Despite normalcy after dispersion of any threatening clouds, people still have many other despicable factors to deal with, like all the waste of gutters and slime.