PESHAWAR  - Prolonged and unscheduled loadshedding has made the life miserable for the residents of Peshawar and adjoining areas.According to details, Peshawar city and adjoining areas have to face worst loadshedding in extreme hot weather which has adversely hurt routine life.Several areas were provided electricity for four to six hours during the entire day.The citizens have also complained about sudden breakdown of power and low voltage due to which electrical appliances go faulty.Meanwhile, closure of tube wells due to long hours of power cut has also resulted in acute shortage of water in the provincial capital and surroundings.The students complained that they were facing problems in routine studies and to prepare for exams.Closure of agricultural tube wells has hit hard the agriculture sector and it was feared that production of various crops could decrease by 15 to 20 percent. The farmers have demanded the authorities to mend the situation.