The citizens of Pakistan have a right to know, whether we will chose to become a corruption riddled economic nightmare like Nigeria, where dual nationality holders hold public office, or a sovereign state free from direct foreign interference such as India, Malaysia, China, Germany, Iran etc, which ban dual nationals from holding public office. What is the stand of all political parties on vital issue of giving dual nationals, who have no stakes in this country, the right to decide fate and destiny of this country and its 180 million people, who have chosen to live and die here. It is a choice for political parties to legislate and protect the billions in off shore bank accounts, properties and businesses of beneficiaries of this proposed amendment which will allow individuals who have adopted another nationality to continue to dominate our politics and continue with plunder of its assets, collect extortion and rampant flight of capital, than flee to evade accountability. The PPP and MQM have clearly come out in support of this amendment, which compromise our sovereignty and legitimizes the role of foreign passport holders to hold key sensitive posts like President, PM, CM, Ministers, Governors, Ministers etc, and have control of our nuclear assets and state exchequer. These people holding foreign passports possess only NICOP giving them multiple visa entries to Pakistan with unlimited stay, having voluntarily surrendered Pakistani passport upon acquiring foreign passport. This constitutional amendment will give legitimacy to role of men like Hussain Haqqani, Moeen Qureshi, Shaukat Aziz, Syed Jammat Ali Shah, who have sworn loyalty to USA or UK, renounced loyalty to any other state and yet have been given right to qualify as members of our parliament. It is time other political parties like PML-N, PML-Q, PTI, JUI-F, JI come clear on this issue, so that the people know actual facts, since ANP alone has announced its opposition to such an amendment. Political parties cannot fool the people by “running with hares and hunting with hounds”. They should give a call for mass protests, because this amendment will have far more serious consequences for our sovereignty and decline to a banana republic than the recent decision to allow NATO supplies to resume.


Lahore, July 6.