RAWALPINDI - The encroachments in Rawal Town are on the rise as Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) is unable to put this genie back into the bottle.

In most parts of the city, the citizens can’t find an appropriate space for parking their vehicles at commercial centres. Pedestrians face difficulty in their movement due to increasing encroachments on both sides of roads in Sadiqabad, Muslim Town, Raja Bazaar, Bohar Bazaar, Jinnah Road, Commercial Market, Trunk Bazaar, Dhoke Khabba, Dhoke Farman Ali and some other localities.

The encroachers are openly doing their business without any fear of the TMA enforcement staff. One can observe the traffic jams in many areas just because of the encroachments.

The citizens told this agency that encroachment is the main reason behind traffic jams, as they occupy almost half of the road. Not only the motorists, but the pedestrians are also facing lots of problems because of the encroachers.” The concerned authorities should play their effective role to remove these encroachers from the roads for smooth flow of traffic,” they urged.

Tariq, a shopper said that one could see the traffic mess in Saddar and Raja Bazaar and this is only because of the encroachers, as they occupy both sides of the road with their carts and left no space for parking that causes worst traffic jams.

He said the concerned authorities just visit the area in the morning to remove the encroachers whereas the encroachers remain on the road rest of the day after the visit is over.

In many areas the vendors have encroached the roadsides by setting up their kiosks and stalls. This phenomenon could be observed in many commercial areas of the city.

The vendors have set up permanent stalls on both sides of the road. Almost all footpaths are in the hold of different vendors, who carry out their business of watches, glasses, leather belts, purses, garments, food and other items.