RAWALPINDI - Tug of war has intensified between commuters and transporters as both stand firm on their stance regarding fare of public transport plying on various routes of the twin cities.

The commuters including government staffers, private employees and students talking to this agency said that they were not happy with meagre decrease in public transport fare, adding that Punjab Transport Authority and transporters are all weather friends thus facilitate each other.

On the other hand, Twin Cities Transporters Federation Convener Malik Sultan Awan when contacted said that February 9, 2010 fare was restored which is injustice with transporters.

He said that transporters have implemented revised fares in protest and they have started contacting transporters to devise strategy against cut in fare.

Online adds: Citizen commuters of twin cities who had earlier heaved a sigh of relief over fixed tariff for inter-city routes are nevertheless being harassed by transporters.

Transporters have no dearth of tricks up their dirty sleeves m with which they continue to overcharge hapless commuters, without any mercy or concern for law.

The wily transporters have resorted to such tricks like selection of passengers, incomplete routes, and overloading.