Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif’s scheme of Green Cards is meant to provide students with inexpensive intra-city travel facilities in Lahore. But as there is dire shortage of public transport, the students might not find them of much use. A few Lahore Transport Buses which commute packed like sardines can be seen hurtling across the city. These are hardly enough for ordinary commuters much less for students. Green Cards like laptops show that the CM cares about academia. He should also be bringing about reforms in the education at all levels.

There are a number of areas that need attention like syllabus and physical conditions of government-run schools. Inextricably linked with the syllabus is the urgent need to end the different kinds of social classes that this hotchpotch of schooling system leads to. The setting up of Danish Schools seems a step in this direction but there are only a few of them. A large part of the population that has to make do with traditional government-run schools still looks askance at this sorry state of affairs. Incentives to students like scholarships have its plus points but unless the main education system is strengthened as it ought to be, these measures would fall short of the expected impact.