RAWALPINDI – All Pakistan Clerks Association (APCA) has rejected recent raise in conveyance allowance and demanded uniform increase in the same for government employees severing in grade 1 to 20.

APCA central vice president Shahzad Manzoor Kayani said that uniform monthly conveyance allowance should be given to government employees from grade 1 to 20.

He said that conveyance allowance of grade 1 to 10 was increased to Rs 1,500 from earlier Rs 1140, Rs 2,000 from 1,550 for employees in grade 11 to 15 and Rs 5,000 from Rs 2,450 for the employees serving in grade 17 to 20.

The APCA demanded uniform increase in conveyance allowance, as the increase for low scale employees was merely Rs 460 and Rs 2,550 for those above grade17.