SURROUNDED by the stunning snow-topped mountains and sparkling lakes of Chilean Patagonia, his only interruptions are bleating sheep and the crackle of the radio. This is the solitary life of Faustino Barrientos, a cowboy who has spent more than 46 years in isolation by Lake O’Higgins - one of the most remote corners of the world.

Since 1965, Barrientos has worked as a gaucho - a horse-riding rancher and shepherd living in the southern swath of Chile and Argentina. In Dec, he was visited by journalists from Vice, an independent media company in Brooklyn, New York. It took the reporters four days to travel to his home, made from a salvaged fishing boat. ‘I don’t need money,’ he told them after welcoming them to his home. ‘I have enough to eat. Life seems to be better when you’re alone.                           –DM