LAHORE - Defficiency of Zinc is one of the major cause of low yield of paddy crop in Pakistan, the agriculture experts of rice research institute Kala Shah Kaku said talking to APP, here on Sunday.

They said that those fields where crop is being cultivated for the first time were found more deficient of zinc as compared to others and consequently effects of it on the yield of such fields would be more severe. The experts suggests qouting a recent research report that the farmers must increase use of zinc sulphate to overcome the defficiency and pave way for increasing the yiled.

 of the cash crop and country’s economy and the growers both would reap benefits out of it.

The experts further said that the farmers would have to come out of tradtional methods and use modern techniques to increase their yeild to earn better return of their hard work.

In this era of rapid advancement only those people can get a reasonable place in the society who change themselves as per needs of modern days, they said.

The experts called it unfortunate that most of the farmers restrict to the old methods and avoid following the latest research as a result not only they lose but the economy also suffer.