So the inevitable has happened in Egypt, you can't enforce one sided agenda on a plural society as it will backfire sooner than later, and in Egypt it all reversed within a year. We all know that initially Muslim Brotherhood (MB) were not part of the revolution, which overthrew Mubarak' dictatorship. They joined the winning bandwagon at a later stage and prevailed in the elections only because of better organisation. As MB was the only established, seasoned political party, while liberals were disorganised and couldn't get under one umbrella, therefore, result was obvious. But even then Mursi won with a very thin majority. He could have been acceptable to other factions of the society provided he might have behaved as president of Egypt, not just a devoted leader of MB. He was in conflict with military and judiciary from the beginning, but had he taken the media and liberal forces on board, he could have saved the day. However he preferred to play a four-pronged war against military, judiciary, media and liberal forces. After last week' events, MB need to understand that its founding members' views might have helped to spread extremism all across the Islamic world, but Egyptian society is not willing to go by that route. His government agenda should have been to boost economy, reduce unemployment, strike down on sectarian and religious conflicts but he concentrated to implement his party' one-sided program. It’s a pity that army is again in control, thanks to Mursi' foibles, but for liberals it's not the time to celebrate. They should not let the MB become a political victim at the hands of army that will ensure their return with triumphant majority. Also it's time for the army not to dream of old golden days, if a few-million strong crowd in Tahrir Square and elsewhere can bring down secular and religious dictators, then the new rulers should know they are sitting in a house of cards.Also IMF and other donors should come forward to save Egyptian economy from further collapse. Ouster of Mursi should serve as a message for right-wing governments in Pakistan; their only agenda should be to fight the menace of terrorism, not to appease them. MASOOD KHAN, Saudi Arab, July 5.