To alleviate loadshedding, innumerate suggestions are given from tax free solar panels, building dams to borrowing gas and oil. But many don’t realise that these steps are superficial. Our infrastructure is too wrecked and corrupted to function properly. I am quoting an example of Larkana, where electricity theft is at its peak. More than 50 percent of homes are stealing electricity, with the aid of concerned officials. Many homes do not have meters at all. From the lineman to the highest ranking official, all are making a quick-buck. Free stolen electricity is used recklessly. In these homes, air conditioners remain on throughout the day. People wear quilts but do not turn off the AC’s. The rich and influential have illegally installed the electrical lines from double feeders. When one feeder is off, they turn on the other one. Hence, the purpose of loadshedding is lost. The honest person who pays his bill regularly is burdened by paying for these free loaders. To make things worse, the lineman asks for a bribe of one thousand rupee just to put the correct reading. Our country has the capability of producing the required electricity, but whatever energy will be installed into the system, by whatever source, it would be stolen. It’s also about controlling the theft. The solution is strict action against these corrupt government servants. Nobody can do anything without their illegal assistance. If government can’t handle it, then they should privatise the institution. KESC has shown that the things are controllable and profitable. In short, honest man pays bills, more units than actual, has one line and suffers. The dishonest man uses free electricity, pays no bill, has dual lines and enjoys. DR. SAJID HAMEED, Larkana, June 28.