Child molestation is a worldwide affliction that is increasing day by day. In our country, this evil is very much prevalent and present but it is a taboo which means that it is often not even discussed openly. Those who are abused often keep mum for the fear of backlash or the fear of embarrassment. One of the main problems in tackling the scourge is first creating awareness in society that it exists and that it needs to be fought tooth and nail. We know it is ‘taboo’ but that does not help fight it, instead it helps the evildoers. Sadly, even educated people simply don’t want to talk about it. The pity is that we do not even have a single law to prevent this menace. According to a recent report appearing in national press, the issue has been left unchecked because of its ‘sensitive nature’. According to the “Cruel Numbers Report 2012” presented by Sahil, a non-profit organization working in Pakistan, there has been an increase of 21 percent cases in year 2012 compared to 2011 in Pakistan. According to this shocking report, nearly 8 children were sexually abused every day in 2012 in Pakistan. Out of all the cases of child abuse in Pakistan in 2012, 83 percent were registered while 24 percent remain unregistered. Another shocking fact is that most of the times the abusers happen to be the relatives or servant within the victims’ families. Reports also suggest that most of the times, the cases of abuse occur largely within the four walls of the house of the victims. The dilemma is that mostly parents whether educated or uneducated are unaware of what is happening to their child, thus the factor also helps the growth of the evil. Child molestation leave a number of psychological scars on the victims. According to psychiatrists, the victims have serious issues with who they are going to trust and reveal the harm done to them; there are even cases in which the hapless victims start blaming themselves for what happened to them. This befuddlement if prevails, can lead to use of drugs or suicidal behaviour. Children, who are victimized can have serious mood swings and they tend to have a liking for being isolated from the crowd. In addition to all this, victimised children can develop fear of people, fear to be left alone, and fear of dark, nightmares, anxiety and anger. In order to save our children from becoming the victims of the scourge, it falls to the parents to see to it that their children are safe from such evil individuals. Parents should develop trusting relationship with their children in the way that the children can confide in them anything they feel like, without the fear of being blamed. Parent-child trust is the most important to avoid anything like this. Parents should also keep an eye on the people with whom their children spend time and particularly should keep an eye for the unwanted attention paid by anyone to their child. Sometimes, it is observed that parents leave their children alone in the house in the care of the servants, which the reports suggest leads to molestation. As a society, we have to accept first that the problem exists. Also better and an appropriate legal system and laws is direly needed to eradicate this evil. SUMAYYA RIAZ RANA,Lahore, July 7.