ISLAMABAD- A spokesman of the Chinese embassy  denied reports published in a section of the press that China has restricted fasting during Ramadan in Xinjiang .
When asked to comment on the reports , the spokesman said "We have noticed the reports on the so-called "China restricting Ramadan fasting in Xinjiang " and found them baseless and misleading.
He said, the Chinese Government fully respects the customs of all ethnic groups. The so-called "Uighur people forced to eat during Ramadan" does not exist in Xinjiang .
China respects the freedom of religion. Meanwhile, we believe religious affairs should not interfere in state functions such as judiciary, administration and education.
It is entirely a personal freedom of religious people whether to take part in Ramadan fasting or not.
However, he added "School children are the future of the country, and they are in their critical phase of life in terms of physical growth and knowledge acquisition. Considering the juveniles’ healthy growth, we believe that they should not take part in Ramadan fasting . The same also goes with
public servants who are special groups serving the society."