ISLAMABAD- Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit and Baltistan Chaudhry Barjees Tahir has said “ if plebiscite can take place in Southern Sudan and Eastern Timor then why can it not be held in Kashmir .”
According to sources, he cautioned India should desist from perpetrating brutalities on Kashmiris as tyrannical order cannot perpetuate longer. Pakistan stands by UN resolutions in terms of resolution of Kashmir imbroglio, he underlined. UN should discharge its obligations for addressing Kashmir issue otherwise this international body will be but a dead horse, he stressed.
He further said that Jawahar Lal Nehru had pledged to grant right to self determination to people of Kashmir at Lal Chowk in Srinagar and he reiterated his pledge in UN Security Council too. UN Security Council resolutions are still there.
No matter how much India goes on declaring Kashmir its integral part; Kashmir is a disputed territory and will stay disputed till determination of its status. Over 100000 people have embraced martyrdom in Kashmir , he stated. India has deployed 700000 its troops in Srinagar at present too.
Kashmiris have given a befitting reply to Indian Prime Minister Modi by observing overwhelming strike during the recent elections, he added.
Kashmir issue is a reality and the existence of cat cannot be denied if the pigeon closes its eyes, he remarked. If Kashmir issue is not disputed then why UN secretary general Ban K Moon, US and China have extended offer to play the role of mediators, he questioned.
On one hand India is piling up arms costing trillion dollars and on the other hand Indian people are forced to spend their nights on footpaths, he held. After conducting nuclear test the then Indian defense minister George Farnandas had said that Pakistan should vacate Kashmir , he said adding Pakistan however gave a tit for tat reply on May 28, 1998. Kashmir issue is a smoldering spark and it can flare up into flames any time, he cautioned. This is a big challenge for UN.
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has extended invitation to India for holding dialogue on Kashmir issue as war is no option for resolution of disputes. If India is eager to go for war and it does not address Kashmir conundrum then we Pakistani too are dignified nation and we prefer one day life of tiger to 100 years life of a jackal, he remarked.